Friday, April 15, 2005

Dieu Merci C'est Vendredi!

Well, none of the usual brilliance or bright wit you've all come to expect flowing from my keyboard this evening. I am about zonked out! The rain that fell in the Land of the North yesterday seems to have been the same rain that dropped through the Sun's rays and beaded up on my sweater in Pike Place Market yesterday. I didn't dance, but I did have a spring in my step, and when no one was looking, I just may have skipped through some puddles... It was raining again today, but this time it was a cold rain driven by a bitter wind. I stood outside with a friend and listened to an entirely random brass ensemble we passed, with our hands numb and cold soaked hair hanging in the eyes. It was one of those moments that stays as a snapshot in your mind forever. So entirely out of the blue, the patter of droplets falling concurrently on chilled ears with the smooth warm tones of brass... it was a true thing of beauty! Everything lately has felt like a series of movie scenes starring yours truly:) I may be the only one in the audience, but I must say I find the plot to be most intriguing! Have I made myself truly insufferable yet?:)
P.S. All of my stunts are so done by me...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lambs Are Cute, Especially On Gyros!

Oh what a day, what a day! Friends, I'm afraid that already this poor little blog is being neglected, only in its infancy, left to fend for itself! This is my craziest quarter yet, it is a good thing I've already lost my sanity, it gives me one less thing to misplace! So, I added up my course work the other night, and put it all on my calendar (hear that mom? Yes, I'm using my calendar:) It looks like I have about 85 pages of paper writing this quarter, including one 25 page independent research "qualifying paper," required for graduation from the Jackson School. Thrown on top of that are about 500 pages of reading a week, adding up to overall good times for Russ! Last night I got a lovely total of 2 hours of sleep, labouring away on a paper due this morning for Global Interactions. There is no worse imaginable torture! I drained five cups of coffee and a grande mocha today, all in an effort to remain awake while driving and at work. I ended up in that caffeine zombie state, where you are neither fully living, nor fully dead, but are instead entranced in a schizophrenic state of paranoid stupor, lacking full muscular control, and overall feeling as though you are about to die, or perhaps wish you would:) Before everyone starts telling me that I really ought to be doing my work earlier, A. I know you are right, but won't admit it, and B, I wish to remind you all that this is the very beginning of week 3 of the quarter, and already in the last two days I have had two quizes, two papers, and about 300 pages of closely read text. There hasn't really been much of an earlier to get started! Besides, what fun would that be?
I am always amazed at my ability to survive, it is clearly an act of God and his provision that keeps my heart beating and the GPA high! I realized the other day that it is going to take a truly amazing and wonderful girl to put up with me some day. Luckily for her, she can be sure that no man has ever loved a woman more than I will her in return! I have been putting up with myself for 22 years, I know what she has to deal with:)
Anways, somehow, today has been really awesome, I had a great day! At work, I got away with using the Boss's Bullwinkle the Moose mug, a daring and I must say gallant act. I also had lunch at Mr. D's in Pike Place market, and that is enough to make any day good. (Thanks Moi and Bruce!) I got a new sustain pedal for my keyboard, turned in my paper on time, got back a quize I did well on, sang at the rest home, read ahead for class tomorrow, and am currently updating my blog. Not bad for two hours of sleep.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Me and ex-Coast Guard roomie Josh, reporting for duty sir:) Posted by Hello