Friday, September 16, 2005

Snorkle 2.0... to gone in 60 seconds.

Because I said I would Bruce!

Well, it's been forever since I updated last, so my Improvathon reference has lost it's timeliness, but I'm finally being forced to take the time for a post by events out of my control. When Derek and I went to leave the office after work today, we found a slightly unexpected situation - an empty parking spot where Derek's car should have been! Yep, that's right. We've been living in Seattle for one week now, and we've already had one car stolen. It is a pretty weird feeling, believe me. It drives me nuts too, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it! We called the police, and they have checked with all the towing companies. Besides, it was taken from our own firm's lot, so that wouldn't have made sense anyways. So, here I am, just sitting here blogging in the office, where we have been waiting for the last 2.5 hours for an officer to come check things out. It is pretty frustrating - I know no one is dying over here, but I just might if I have to wait very much longer for dinner! However, despite this rotten bit of luck, there is also an aspect of complete providence in the situation. Just by random chance, Derek and I both drove our cars into work today, something we never do! This means that instead of us being marooned car-less in downtown Seattle tonight, we at least have a ride home! (At least we did the last time I checked... maybe I should be keeping watch in the parking lot:S) Well, I hope someone just took it out for a joyride, and they will end up finding it fairly intact, but so far the person seems to have done a pretty professional job of it, the car was locked and there isn't any broken glass or anything around. Also, the car was right outside someone's office, and they did notice someone out there, but only for a few minutes. Who knows, as we speak the poor little camry may be gettin' hacked up and parted out in some chop shop. I wish the police would hurry...
Well more on life later maybe, I hope to get around to a more usual post eventually. Please pray for the whole car situation! Derek and I would appreciate it. See ya!