Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey all! This will be short, but just wanted to say howdy if anyone happens across this. Bri and I are doing well, we have settled into our apartment and have some good friends here, so that has been great. We just got the first new member of our branch of the family going over here in St. Louis (No, no Russ Jr. yet)

We got a great little guy, a 2 year old pug named Cosmo. Actually, his full name is Cosmo Newbigin Brown. If you don't know who Cosmo Brown is, shame on you, go watch Singing in the Rain! Lesslie Newbigin is the name of a late English bishop and theologian I was reading for one of my classes. Actually, I was a little critical of Newbigin in a paper I wrote, but over all, he's a jolly chap and the name is so much fun to say!

When we first picked Cosmo up from the rescue folks, he was wearing a little Catholic medallion for St. Francis (the patron saint of animals). Cosmo has taken the conversion to Presbyterianism quiet well thus far, stating that he feels it addresses many issues which had long been on his heart. I haven't been able to find a John Calvin medallion for him yet though.

Isn't he absolutely adorable?

Precious says it best I think...
This is his rascally face.

Greek is really my nemesis right now. I greatly enjoy the idea of Greek, and will absolutely love to be able to use it in understanding the New Testament better. Unfortunately, Greek hasn't taken a great liking to me yet, and never seems to want to stay with me. It's always going off somewhere else when I have a quiz or exam :S Oh well, I will just keep on being friendly and spending time with it, and eventually I'm sure it will warm up to me.

Hope you are all well, talk to you soon!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Up from the grave the blog arose...

Hey everyone! (If anyone even sees this) You probably thought you would never see another post on this site, but here we go!

So much has happened since the last time I wrote, I think we almost need to just time warp, as there is no way to list it all. So, I will just give you the big ones, in chronological sequence:

1. I graduated!!!
2. I got engaged to the most wonderful girl in the world!!!! (No offence to other girls in the world)
3. I'm going to seminary in August, right after Brianna and I get married in July!!!
4. I got a sweet, beat, beastie motorcycle!!!
5. My mom is having another baby!!! - I am so excited, but this one is also kinda sad for me, since my new little sister is due at the end of August, after Bri and I have moved across the country. I'm still trying to figure out how to be a good big brother to someone I'll never even share the same roof with. I guess maybe I will have to try and pull off the "cool uncle" sort of act. :)

Here, Bri and I are enjoying our very own yacht.

My new motorcycle!!

Here, Bri is looking a little unsure on the motorcycle, but she is smiling!

I also have a few pics of Seattle lights that I snapped the other night on the ferry. I think they turned out pretty cool so I will try to upload those in the near future.

Until then, fare thee well!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hello down there, this is us up here...

Perhaps you thought this was a new post. Ha! It was merely trickery to lure you into a fleeting moment of anticipation and expectation, soon to be followed by a disconsolate sense of loss and tragedy! I currently have no time to say anything beyond "AHH!!" perhaps followed by a nice heartrending groan. I love finals:)

I have interesting doings and sayings to record for posterity, but I'm afraid they will be forced to bide their time until perhaps Wednesday, at which point life becomes infinitely better. For now, I just wanted to say hello world, I'm alive, and I miss everybody! Can't wait to see everyone, hopefully in the near future.

Catch you on the flip side....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Got Soul, But I'm Not a Soldier

Wow, hello world! How is everyone? I have found it extremely difficult to post this quarter, Derek and I don't have internet access in the ol' flat at this point (we just got a phone line hooked up, w00t). Every time I'm in the library, I'm supposed to be doing other things, such as finishing up papers due in the next few minutes and so on. I would like to thank James for his excellent explanation on our carjacker's motivations in the previous post, and to all the other people who are probably more than a little sick of seeing the same old blog title every time they visit. In fact, I shouldn't be surprised if you have completely stopped visiting the Time Pit. But just on the off hand chance that their are a few of the old faithful still out their, I dedicate this new post to you, the reader of this blog!

If this post lacks coherence, it is probably due to the fact that I went to bed at 5:45 this morning, and got up just before 7:00. Needless to say, it has been a rather long day. That being said, this should be the last time you hear me writing a post on my irresponsible, unhealthy, and caffeine medicated ways. Tomorrow is Veterans day, which means no school. Therefore, I am utilizing this fact, in conjunction with the weekend, to dedicate a new holiday, which shall hence forth be known as "Russ Organization and Get Rear in Gear Day." I'm frankly fed up with mediocrity in my own life, and have determined to put an end to it:)

Also, you should realize that I am writing this from a rather less than happy with self, very tired perspective. Overall, things have actually been really great, I would never want to give anyone the wrong impression! School is going alright, and I have been having a great time playing guitar for RUF as of late. I have never been overly confident in my own musical abilities, and it has been awesome to be forced to go into a session, have less than an hour to learn a bunch of new songs, and then have it turn out really well. Sure, they're pretty simple songs, but I feel like I'm bumping over a little musical plateau that I've been on for a few years now, just in growing comfortable with playing in front of people. And really, I can't think of a time when I'm happier than in mid chorus with the whole RUF group, raising up voices to God's glory. It makes me happy:)

Ok, I have to run off to my Jackson School Student Association (JSSA) meeting, for which I am secretary. After that, I may go shoot some guns with Derek ( our newest hobby!), and then head to bed. Or, maybe I'll just head to bed, we'll see:) Anyways, hope everyone is well and hunky dory, and that I can see most of you over Thanksgiving break! Au revoir!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Snorkle 2.0... to gone in 60 seconds.

Because I said I would Bruce!

Well, it's been forever since I updated last, so my Improvathon reference has lost it's timeliness, but I'm finally being forced to take the time for a post by events out of my control. When Derek and I went to leave the office after work today, we found a slightly unexpected situation - an empty parking spot where Derek's car should have been! Yep, that's right. We've been living in Seattle for one week now, and we've already had one car stolen. It is a pretty weird feeling, believe me. It drives me nuts too, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it! We called the police, and they have checked with all the towing companies. Besides, it was taken from our own firm's lot, so that wouldn't have made sense anyways. So, here I am, just sitting here blogging in the office, where we have been waiting for the last 2.5 hours for an officer to come check things out. It is pretty frustrating - I know no one is dying over here, but I just might if I have to wait very much longer for dinner! However, despite this rotten bit of luck, there is also an aspect of complete providence in the situation. Just by random chance, Derek and I both drove our cars into work today, something we never do! This means that instead of us being marooned car-less in downtown Seattle tonight, we at least have a ride home! (At least we did the last time I checked... maybe I should be keeping watch in the parking lot:S) Well, I hope someone just took it out for a joyride, and they will end up finding it fairly intact, but so far the person seems to have done a pretty professional job of it, the car was locked and there isn't any broken glass or anything around. Also, the car was right outside someone's office, and they did notice someone out there, but only for a few minutes. Who knows, as we speak the poor little camry may be gettin' hacked up and parted out in some chop shop. I wish the police would hurry...
Well more on life later maybe, I hope to get around to a more usual post eventually. Please pray for the whole car situation! Derek and I would appreciate it. See ya!